Street View

Free advertising on Google
Customers will find you more easily with the new links and windows that will appear in all Google services, without no fees or expenses.

Share with everyone
The new images will appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google My Business.
You can also embed them on your own website and social networks.

Increase traffic to your website
Increase the visibility of your business in all Google products and take advantage of the integration of the virtual tour and photos with your website to improve your ranking in all search engines.

Professional photographs
The Google photoshoot, in addition to the virtual tour, will provide you with high resolution photographs of your business and products.

Opened 24/7 worldwide
Potential clients can explore and interact with your business from anywhere in the world as if they were there. 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Your business, your photos
The rights of all the pictures taken during the photoshoot will be yours, so that you may use them as you prefer.

Trust Google Quality
Google Trusted Photographers of Blue Ant Photos follow the strict Google guidelines: quality guaranteed.

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All Google Street View clients benefit from a free discount coupon for their advertising campaigns on Google AdWords.


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Click and Drag to Explore: Hotel El Palace 5*GL, Barcelona

With the Google Street View project, Google aims to extend Google Street View to the interior of business premises.
The owners of all kinds of business now have the possibility to integrate into Google products a virtual tour of their property and high resolution photographs of their products and of the points of interest of their business.

97% of the consumers search the Internet for local businesses before hiring a service or purchasing a product.
Moreover, in Spain, over 90% of online searches are performed on Google.
Google Street View virtual tour and photographs of the business highlights will be integrated with Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ Local (Google My Business). The way the business appear in search results will be changed forever and its visibility will be dramatically improved.
All the businesses that participate in the project will benefit from free advertising on Google with no fees or expenses. Forever.

Plus, you can embed the virtual tour in your own website and social networks . Taking advantage of the integration of the virtual tour and pictures in your pages, page rankings can be improved in all major search engines.

To adhere to the high quality standards required by Google, Trusted Photographers the project must have passed a strict selection process and have been trained by the Google team.
Sinue Serra, founder of Blue Ant Photos, has been chosen as Google Trusted Photographer from the first day of the Google Street View project in Spain.

As an example, these are some of the tours we have made for the Google Street View project:

Promotion: all our clients benefit from a free discount coupon for advertising campaigns on Google AdWords!

Free Advertising on Google

The improved content in Google search, Google Maps and Google+ Local (Google My Business) will differentiate your business from the competition, with emphasis on the characteristics that make your business unique.
It is a free advertising tool with no fees or expenses, that Google provides to all businesses involved in the project.

Below, see how this free advertising increases business visibility across all Google services.

Improvements in Google Search

(Click on the image to enlarge)

The new improvements added by Google Street View to Google Search include new windows encourage users to take a look at your business through the virtual tour.

By clicking on the window labeled "See inside", users are sent directly inside the business where they can move around the virtual tour by clicking on the arrows. They can also drag the 360° view from any point of the visit. The best way to enjoy the virtual tour is by clicking the upper right corner of the window to switch to full screen mode. It is a much more immersive experience that only Google Street View is able to give you.

The window labeled "View Photos" links directly to the high-resolution photographs of the points of interest in the Google+ Local (Google My Business) page of the business.

Google+ Local (Google My Business)

Improvements in Google+ Local(Google My Business)

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Users that arrive at the Google My Business page of a business in the Google Street View service, they encounter an animated window, just below the map showing the location of the property. The animated window shows different points in the virtual tour and, when clicked, send the users to the selected point, where they can start browsing.

Google My Business pages have also a photo gallery where users can browse the images uploaded by the owner of the business. In the same gallery, will now also appear the high resolution photographs taken by the Google Trusted Photographer.
This set of high-quality images is intended to capture all the important aspects of the business, in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and informative for the users.

All the rights of the images are property of the business owner, so that you can use them as you please.

Google Maps

Improvements in Google Maps

(Click on the image to enlarge)

In Google Maps searches, there is a new window below the list of search results that informs users that they can take a walk around inside the business. Clicking on this window, the virtual tour opens in place of the map, which allows users to navigate inside the business and zoom in to see all the details.

Unlike virtual tours created for real estate, Google virtual tours have a higher level of interactivity and the possibility to view the tour in full screen mode.

Share with everyone

One of the main features of Google Street View is the ability for the users and the business owner to embed the virtual tour on your own website, blog or facebook.
The virtual tour can be adapted to any page size and users can start exploring from any point within the tour.

The more users stay on your page exploring your business, the more the average time on page and search engine rankings improve.

Accessible from any device

We realize that we browse the Internet on our Smartphones and Tablets more each day, as do your customers and clients.
For this reason, virtual tours of Google Street View can be viewed from any portable device, independently of their operating system.

Whether it is from an Android smartphone, an iPad or a computer, Google users can find your business when, where, and how they want.